Saturday, August 20, 2016

Pagosa Springs….Saying Goodbye!



San Juan River…downtown Pagosa Springs

We have sat in the cool shade of Ponderosa pines and blue spruces for over a week. It’s time to go to town and find a hot spring (and shower.)  This is a first for us, been in a few hot springs out in the wilds but no citified pools!  Noticing that there is an eight dollar rate for senior citizens we choose a place right across the street from the Pagosa Springs Visitor Center.  It is a bit on the run down side but we just want the experience.  There are several pools to choose from.  (Sorry, no photos.) The sulfur smell is not too strong and it’s truly an enjoyable time.

And we could barely drag ourselves out of the hot water.

There’s a path in the East Fork campground that leads to the river.  It’s kind of scary….part of it goes straight down over a bluff….but I have been wanting to hike it before we leave.



DSC_0005 (1)

The short walk leads to the rushing East Fork of the San Juan, another world away from the campground.  Just the river and me.  There’s evidence that others have been enjoying the space.


We have fallen in love with this place.


DSC_0029 (1)

Sylvester loves it also!  There are chipmunks everywhere….aggressive little boogers….who have even jumped on Sylvester’s carrier.

DSC_0030 (1)

There’s one well at the campground that proves to be quite a work out!



DSC_0025 (1)

Former campers leave us a present…..a tiny hummingbird feeder!  I borrow sugar and spend an afternoon watching three hummingbirds and two yellow jackets bombard each other.


Taking naps is another important part of the day.


And eating!


We decide to attend the Wednesday night Parelli Ranch barbecue…David missed it a few weeks earlier.

There’s good food, beautiful horses with a lovely view and a wonderful guitar picking singer.




There’s only one thing left on our Pagosa Springs to do list…go to the Chimney  Rock ruins. (Next blog).

Our time in the mountains is running out….just over a week left!

(Gotta get this published and hit the road!)


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    1. YES.
      But many would say that you have been wintering in paradise for years at Gulf Shores!

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  3. Hi Lynne,
    Beautiful pictures. So happy for you! Beth B.

  4. Hey, Beth! We are having fun and enjoying the cool dry weather but I hate missing all the excitement of the move. Give my love to everybody!

  5. Lovely!!!! You are livin' the life!

    1. We are feeling real blessed to be able to be here in the mountains.....

  6. You've just keep enjoying .......and smiling all the way to another sunset...Thanks for sharing...Horst sends

    ps....terriffic photos!

  7. We have been smiling all day after finding another great camp. Hope you are on the road soon....don't wait until the snow starts flying!