Saturday, August 13, 2016

Alone in the Forest---East Fork Camp



The title here is a bit misleading.  We are camping alone, now, but we are not way out in the boondocks alone…..but by ourselves in a forest campground, East Fork.

Since arriving almost three weeks ago we have been with friends and new friends.  First week we were at a fiberglass rally, then shared a campsite with a new friend from the rally.  Then we relocated to property close to Pagosa Springs where an impromptu Kansas rally was happening.


We found a lovely, heavily shaded campground east of Pagosa Springs six days ago and have not been motivated to leave.  We have been sight-seeing, relaxing and doing chores……there are pit toilets and one well with a huge handle on the pump.  A real workout to get a few gallons of water!

Not much to say but the Nikon is being used and I’m finally getting away from the S5 phone photos.

Our first site…had to move after three days due to reservations….is on a bluff overlooking the East Fork of the San Juan River…(first photo above.)


There’s a water falls, Silver Falls, way up the gravel road that runs by the campground.  The above photos were taken of the East Fork while searching for the falls……turned around after about 5 miles…got tired of the bumpy road!

Treasure Falls is on the main road of 160. We  manage to climb up for a proper view.


Wolf Creek Pass is a granddaddy of mountain passes… least someone told me that.  No history of driving in big mountains.  We drove up in the Tundra to check it out.



Our only other big mountain pass was on our way to Alaska.  I need to pull the Escape up and over to get over my nervousness.  (This has not happened yet!)

Views from the overlook returning back to camp.


Another day we drove back up and over the mountain to have lunch with friends who are camping in South Fork.  We stopped at Big Meadow campground to check it out.



If we get motivated to leave East Fork, Big Meadow may get a visit and the Escape will get to cross over the Continental Divide. Oh, joy!

Overall, life is good!


  1. GORGEOUS!! I remember going up East Fork to the Falls & salivating over those riverside campsites. And the view from Wolf Creek Pass overlook is almost more than can be taken in (like the Grand Canyon). Sounds like you're having a great time. Did you visit Chimney Rock going toward Durango? They have a program to view the full moon rising every month. Love the Pagosa area. And you're missing all the heat, humidity, & now flooding back east.

  2. Glenda, I think of you everytime we pass the Pagosa RV Park. No we have not toured Chimney Rock yet...tried during the monsoons and the tour was temporarily closed. Haven't been in a hot spring yet either...on our to do list.
    Hope you are doing ok. Much love.

  3. Hi Lynne, I'm planning on being in Colorado thru August and into September (depending on my mothers health - she's in hospice now). I have plans thru August - but will wander in September - maybe near you if you're still planning on being in Colorado then. Here's my email - we can keep in closer touch (

    1. Thanks, Anne. I'll email you. The plan, jello-like, is to be in Kansas around the first of September. So sorry about the mom.

  4. Glad to see you're getting some quality time in Colorado! Your pictures are great!

  5. Thanks, John. Good to hear from have had a big summer!
    It's almost time to start thinking about winter time in the desert.
    If you get by Lost Dutchman, see if they turned that great overflow loop into reservations. Bet there's no overflow now.

  6. Some magnificent vistas....for me the first photo captures the "life style" we enjoy.....can't beat that for solitude, scenery, photography...and a good nights sleep :)) appears you Guys captured the "Gold"... hopefully this time next month I'll be rolling over some of your tire tracks...Take care, safe travels...leave a couple of those vistas and sunsets for me.. :) Horst sends

  7. Hey. We are pretty pleased with our campsite at East Fork.
    Hope you come by this way..160 east of Pagosa Springs....and check it out. Not sure when this one's pretty empty now school has started.
    Wishing you easy travels with lots og photo opps.