Saturday, December 19, 2015

Blog Confusion, Simple Christmas and Travel Plans

Tennessee River and Lookout Mountain
The above photo is from my phone while walking last week. 

And this is a shot of what's on our mind.  Dome Rock in Quartzsite!


We were planning to leave for Arizona today.  But my 88 year old mom is to have surgery in January. She told me to go on with our plans but I could not handle being that far away. 

The jello plans are to leave a few days after the surgery, sometime the first week in January.

Still hope to make it out to Quartzsite for the RV show. But you know how it is with jello plans. 

Are you confused with the blog changes?  Apologies are in order! Wish I was less confusing!

My blog of four years, between 2012-2015, was called Casita in the Desert, Casita in the Mtns.  After we got the Escape travel trailer I sought professional help to create a new blog on Wordpress...but the price was too high!

 I changed the blog name to Winter in the Desert, Summer in the Mtns but it still showed Casita on the blogrolls. Then we got busy selling our home, remodeling the duplex and nothing got changed.

So there are two blogs.  The previous blog is called Winter in the Desert, Summer in the Mtns.  And the new, current blog is called Winter in the Desert, Summer in the Mountains...with the "mountains" being spelled out and not abbreviated.

Hope to get a link on the new "Winter in the Desert" blog that will go back to the old one...for reference.  Tried twice yesterday without success.  Will try again, soon.

Again, the new link is

I've been neglecting the blog for months, procrastinating doing the change.  Sorry there has been so little activity.  

But behind the scenes I have been listening to Geeks On Tour and learning how to use Google Photos, an amazing product!  I just asked it to show me "desert rocks" and the search engine came up with my photos of Dome Rock, Skull Rock and Jumbo Rocks Campground! 


This azalea was blooming on my street.  It does not realize that it is December.  
Other photos from home.

Sunrise from our porch

Fog filling the Tennessee River Gorge

Christmas just got too stressful a few years ago!

When we downsized, we gave away everything Christmas!  The decorations, the tree, the candles, the wrapping paper!  
Our plan, this year, was to have a private celebration on the road.

Since we will be home around family instead of on the road, it's going to happen after all.  
Guess who just got drafted to cook the family turkey?

David just bought another he calls an "old man" bike due the high handlebars and cushy seat.  Our bike riding has changed a lot this year due to his heart rhythm abnormality. He has an appointment with a heart doctor in Phoenix in January... hoping it can be fixed.

I am a little sad that we are not on the road heading west.  But it is a bit cold out there right now! 

Overall, I'm feeling happier than ever with our life and it's because of the downsizing.  I love waking up in our three rooms on the side of the mountain, gazing at the rocks and the woods as I drink my coffee.

My writing nook.

David and Sylvester (cat carrier) in the back yard.

I've come to realize that being in the desert means peace to me and I can create that peace while looking out the windows of our new home.
I may write again before Christmas but just in case I don't,

Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

This is a test

Testing a new Winter in the Mountains blog with a different url.

Sylvester is looking for entertainment as his mom just hung a new bird feeder.  Poor child is going stir ready to head west for the winter.

Bored kitty

This is a test!!