Friday, August 26, 2016

Living the Dream?


Vallecito Lake

Some of our family and friends have commented that we are “living the dream” and, for the most part, I agree.  But it is being dishonest to not mention some of the un dreamlike parts of the “dream”….like the past three days of rain and cold.  At the moment the sun is shining but the wind is howling and it’s barely 60 degrees.  I am warm, writing while sitting in the truck.  The husband is napping in the Escape…a little distance helps me concentrate.  But rain, cold and overcast skies are not fun.  Ready for some warmth!

Speaking of the husband…a fact I rarely mention is his aging.  I know, we are all aging, but, at almost 79, some days are more challenging than others.  Like two nights ago when he took the trash to the dumpster and became disorientated as to the correct direction back to the trailer.  Luckily he had his phone on and there was coverage.  It was dark and very scary for me when I realized that he was lost.  I see a pair of walky talkies in the future for us.

David’s blood thinner also causes issues when he bumps or scrapes up against objects.  I was not a happy camper earlier in the trip when the sheets were needing daily washing and I was constantly changing bandages.

Hope no one thinks I am complaining.  Gratitude for what we have is practiced every day.  Love that I have a mate who shares my love of the outdoors.  But some days just go smoother than others.

So, backing up a week……

DSC_0013 (1)

The Chimney Rock ruins is just down the road from our camp.

There’s a $12 fee for the tour and we opted to just take one of the two tours.

DSC_0012 (1)

The view from the monument is magnificent!

DSC_0007 (1)



Not sure if this was a kiva….but the tour had many structures like this one.

The next day we head east back to the Durango area.  We plan to ride the train and then, just decided not to do it. The less expensive travel option started sounding uncomfortable.

Instead we pick up meds called into the local Wal Mart.  Durango is a metropolis compared with Pagosa Springs…..what a traffic mess!

We choose to stay at Vallecito, a forest service campground with some electric sites.  It is $14.50 a night with electric and the Senior Pass.

DSC_0018 (1)

The Vallecito Creek runs through the campground.  The electric sites are off from the water but we can hear the creek sing.

DSC_0038 (1)



The creek runs into Vallecito Lake…the largest lake in Colorado at 8,000 feet or higher.

DSC_0034 (1)


DSC_0027 (1)


DSC_0036 (1)

Vallecito means little valley in Spanish.  Our campground is at the very end of the valley….and under a thunderstorm.

We stay 5 nights.  Love the river, the hiking trail, the canyon walls and the blue spruces!  It feels like we are camping in a Christmas tree stand.

And the campground is almost deserted after the weekenders leave.




This catches the blog up to yesterday where we stay at West Fork campground after deciding against crossing Wolf Creek Pass in a thunderstorm.

Today the pass was no big deal with the Tundra pulling the Escape with empty tanks.  Not sure why I was so nervous about it.  It was just 10,000 feet! 

We arrive safely at Big Meadow campground.  Lots of photos but they are all still on the phone.

Hope to get them published before we arrive at the Kansas rally next week.


  1. It is good that you post your aging concerns because they are issues many of us will face at some time and especially if you are an on-the-road couple. Your experiences will be of benefit to many. I have them with my 75 yr old housemate and someday my kids will have them with me (but not planning on it for awhile, but one never knows). Your pictures are beautiful and relaxing and I can hear the water noises very well with your pictures. Have a great time at the KS rally and please tell folks "hi". Wish I could be there - hopefully in the future.

  2. Emily, lovely to hear from you! Hope Jim will be out of the hospital soon if he has not already been released...saw it on FB.
    I am encouraged by seeing very elderly folks still on the road. Hope we have a few years left.
    Thank you for your comment.

  3. I always write about the bad times in the blog, since it isn't fair to readers, especially wanna be full-timers, to think that life on the road is always rosy. It helps to read about how others deal with things. Walkie talkies are a good idea, but we use them when backing into campsites, and have found if you get very far away the range is not nearly as good as they say.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip!

    1. Yes. Been thinking of you two after reading your last post. We had to downsize our felines last year...from three to one.
      Thanks for your comment...will remember range when purchasing the talkies.

  4. I'd might look into an ID bracelet of some kind too. And imagine peroxide is your best friend...just amazing how it dissolves blood. Nice to read despite all that you're still able to follow your travels. I'd live a little cool weather right now! Or travels over for a bit...but so far no new or maintenance!! ;)

    1. That's great news...the no bad surprises.
      I hope the ID bracelet is down the road...not soon but I have wondered when they will be chipping older folk.
      I'll try the peroxide. Thanks.
      All couples have their struggles...just trying to let go of the negative as propel as possible.

  5. Great post...and those photo's do tell a great story of your travels....and what wonderful places you have landed on...again, thanks for sharing your thoughts and adventure/journey...Horst sends

  6. We have been fortunate to land in some beautiful places. Hate for the adventure to end... but it's home soon.
    Happy trails!