Friday, July 29, 2016

Hot Journey and Mountain Gathering



David’s heart doctor gives us good news on a Monday morning five days before the beginning of the Rocky Mountain fiberglass rally.  The last test indicates that his heart functioning is greatly improved over the test in May.  This means we can head to the big mountains….it also means we must go into overdrive to get packed and out the door!

Unfortunately a dome of heat is settling over the country….heat unlike any we have experienced on the road.

The first day on the road we only turn off the a/c when the Tundra is fueling.  It is around 98 degrees and and 90 percent humidity!  We stay in the comfort of the truck’s AC all day and manage to drive 500 miles, making it to the other side of Little Rock.  It is just as hot the next day but the humidity begins to drop as we get further west. Day two ends at Red Rock Canyon State Park in Oklahoma.  The thermometer says 98 but there is shade and a breeze! We sit outside and enjoy the rocks.


Red Rock Canyon Oklahoma


Hot breezes are blowing as we arrive at the Santa Rosa RV Park in New Mexico.  We pick the private park because it has a restaurant…who wants to cook when it’s 103 degrees?

It also has a pool, a very clean and cold pool.  I learn that my husband will still go swimming if the temperature is in the 100’s.

New Mexico

There’s even some shade in Santa Rosa!

The next day we manage to survive driving through Albuquerque and head north toward Colorado.  Aztec, NM is our next stop, just 40 miles south of Durango.


The Animas River flows next to the campground. I’m enchanted with the river.





The next morning I am playing with Google Maps and realize the Aztec Ruins National Monument is only 1/3 mile away.  It’s already hot at 8:30 AM but we want to see a piece of history.







Excerpts from one of the brochures: “the Aztecs never lived here.  Aztec ruins were built by the ancestors of the native Americans still living in the west.”  These Great Houses were a result of thousands of years of Pueblo history.  The Spanish explorers incorrectly named many places “Aztec”.

After a stop at the Durango Walmart, we start up a mountain toward Chris Park group camping area.  What a surprise!  We find a large parking lot full of eggs clustering around half a dozen electrical outlets.  And we join the circus.









And it has been pretty much non stop party since Sunday afternoon.  I was not sure I could handle all this intimate camping, but, overall, it is FUN!

We visit the Public Lands office in Durango obtaining maps for dispersed camping.  While David naps, I take to the back roads looking for campsites, feeling very much kin to RV Sue.

A few photos from my scouting trip:








It’s a great week in the mountains!

We are saying our goodbyes today and are off to search for the next perfect campsite!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Emerging from the Cave



Sunrise over Guntersville Lake, AL

When I last wrote, back around the first of April, there was no warning that it would be my last post for three months.  Did not realize that some piece of me….the part that can feel peace……was breaking or had already broken.

In April we returned from a great rally in Townsend after spending lovely times with wonderful friends whom we adore.  But something was not right…..

Looking back it may have been just too many lovely times with the wonderful friends…or the stress of the ongoing medical issues around David’s heart, or the scary weather traveling back from Arizona and ….. who knows what!!!

But all I wanted to do is crawl into my cave and not come out.  Someone asked “when are you hitting the road again?”  My reply is “we are staying at home until it feels like we live here!” 

Surprisingly, it has been a good three months. The goal was to create a life in our new home that feels rewarding and makes us happy.  We are being mostly successful with a few bumps.

One of the unpleasant bumps happened in May.  David experienced chest pain and I called 911.  The ER doc diagnosed him with a “baby” heart attack which is the best kind to have if one is going to have a heart attack.

He appears to be doing very well.  A few weeks after the event we spent a long weekend on Guntersville Lake.  It was hot but he seemed to be ok during the trip.

Going to back up now and do a little show and tell on our last few months.

The Townsend rally was without a leader this year.  Tom P. retired after leading this event for many years. Everyone managed to have fun at the leaderless event.













The last two photos are from the Middle Fork in the Tremont area of the Great Smoky Mountains.

When we returned home…..remember it’s our new home after downsizing last year…we had a new deck!  And it has been my hide out for the summer.  My place to hide from the world.






We have done a lot of small improvements on our space.  The front porch got stained… a four day project.




Carpenters work at repairing fascia boards and soffits….a two week repair!!


The roof repairs have been completed for several weeks….such a relief to have our space back!

Now we are in the dog days of summer with lots of heat and humidity.  We are staying in, reading library books and binge watching several shows that somehow have passed us by…’Mad Men’ and ‘Orange is the New Black’.

Dusted off the gym membership and proud to report we have been going three times a week for the past month.

It’s time to get back on the road!

Pending a good report from more tests on David’s heart this week, we plan to be heading toward Colorado in about 10 days or so. 

Can’t wait to get out of this heat!!

But if the verdict is to stay home, it’s not too bad.  We are learning to flow like a river.

Sending apologies to everyone that I have neglected…still love you!