Friday, April 8, 2016

Spring at Home and more..




Spring at home, fall at home, winter in the desert, summer in the mountains….that’s been the goal since we downsized and now it is happening!

Arriving home later than usual this year, we are greeted by trees adorned with blossoms, looking like mounds of white and pink cotton candy.  As we travel north on I-59, my eyes are delighting in the lavender blooming redbuds welcoming us to Tennessee.

As much as I enjoy the desert and its flora,  Spring in the Southeast is not something to miss. The landscape is dotted with different shades of green as new leaves appear on trees. Wildflowers are showing their color, azaleas are budding, lavender wisteria is draped in the woods.  New growth is everywhere and my plant disease is back!

Should say “plant addiction” instead of disease!  But remembering how this gardening bug drove us away from our house last year, I am looking, not buying, as we go through Walmart and Lowes!

Backing up in time to St Pat’s Day…..

The weather in Montgomery for the Green Eggs and Ham fiberglass rally is perfect.  A little rain falls later in the week, but nothing like the previous year where we never left the camper without a raincoat!





Multiple activities happen each day. This is our fourth year to attend.






Listening to the musicians at night….one of the magical events.

Wildflowers are blooming in the woods.






This lily like flower is blooming several places in the park..some in the deep woods. Not sure of its name.

For more info on the Green Eggs and Ham visit Jerry C’s blog. Wanda and Jerry are just across the road from us.

It is marvelous to arrive in our downsized new home… unlock the door, turn up the thermostat, switch the water back on and move back in!

Physically, we are back home.  Psychologically, I am still back in the desert. Upon waking each morning, I must remember I am not in the camper. 

But I am really enjoying all the sights of spring all around us. There are phlox blooming in our front yard…first photo.  Dogwoods and redbuds showing in the woods. Red azaleas are blooming in my neighbors’ yards.

And I notice that I am happy!

Just read an article on happiness.  It liken happiness to an ongoing journey and ended with “happiness is living the life you want to live.”  We are so blessed to be living that life!

David’s heart continues to be in rhythm.  And we have another rally to attend next week.  Part of the happiness is knowing that we soon will be camping with some treasured old friends!


Took this photo while getting reacquainted with our downtown….Market Street Bridge over the Tennessee River.


Tennessee River with Lookout Mountain in the background. Close to home.

It is a bit chilly today….we may still be in Dogwood Winter…but polishing the Escape is on the menu.  She needs to look her best for the rally.  Off to to the Great Smoky Mountains in a few days!!