Friday, February 5, 2016

Heart on Training Wheels and the Wave Cave.


It’s difficult to believe that we have been in Arizona less than a month!  These three plus weeks are chocked full of changes. Where the story ends is right before Bloggerfest.

There have been lots of great photos of the event.  Here’s just a few more.




The hubby looks pretty good here.  It is three days before his heart procedure and neither of us is thinking about it!  The worry starts the next day as we head for Phoenix.  I manage to fall down and bloody my knees three times within 24 hours! Just distracted, I guess.

Dr Wilbur Su is cardiac electrophysiologist who does a procedure called cryoballon ablation. I stumbled across his name while reading a blogger, Allison, who wrote about him giving her life back.

My husband’s heart has been out of rhythm for a year.  I call Phoenix and the appointment is scheduled.  The procedure is eventually scheduled for the Tuesday after Bloggerfest.

That morning we bravely drive the 16 miles to Banner Hospital in downtown Phoenix during the scary rush hour.  The procedure takes a bit over 3 hours and it all goes as the doctor expected; his heart is back in rhythm!  But his heart may misbehave, the doctor explains.  It is like his heart is on training wheels and must learn again to beat appropriately. 

David’s discharged the next day with instructions not to pick anything up or exert for the next three days.  We return to his daughter’s back yard for the rest of the week. 

Each morning I reach for his wrist and feel his pulse.  And now, for the past 9 days, the beat is slow and strong.

On Sunday we move to a nice rv park in Apache Junction, not far from the Superstition Mountains.  The weather forecast is not good…rain, wind, lows around freezing. Seems like a good place to heal and weather the storm.


The front approaches.

We run errands on Monday morning.  It is raining and the winds cuts like a knife. Breakfast is at Mickey D’s Cafe…no, not McDonalds!  We even see 15 seconds of snow while exiting Walmart!!

With 2 more days of cold weather and staying inside predicted, we journey to Camping World and buy a tv antenna.


Not sure what to expect!  The channel scan reports 69 channels but many are in Spanish and many are garbled.  But it’s fun to have the distraction from the cold.



Sylvester improvises and finds a bed with a view!

David hangs a recent gift.  No, the T is not for Texas.



Later I take a very short walk.  It’s COLD!



Tuesday is much better.  The sun comes out making it easier to continue with the trailer waxing.  Beginning to get that shine back.



Wednesday is a take care of me ‘cause I deserve it day!  It is way past time to get up into the Superstitions. A friend who likes to hike lives close by and we make plans to see the Wave Cave.  (We met John and BJ through his Blog while in Alaska.)


You can see the cave in the above photo…it’s the dark slash in the middle of the picture.

The beauty of the area surrounds me.  Different shades of green are everywhere: palo verde, octotillo, saguaro and barrel cacti, cholla.




The trail head parking is on the right side of the photo.

Finally we make it and now it’s obvious why it’s called the Wave Cave.




Not too much left to say.  The hike was fun but rather treacherous.  After three falls the previous week, my steps were carefully placed.

Coming up tomorrow is another doctor appointment in downtown Phoenix. And the day after will find us heading back to Quartzsite for a huge fiberglass rally at Dome Rock.

Stay tuned for more fun!


  1. Watch those falls...put me out for over 6 weeks!! So wonderful for David!!! Hear it's warming up out there...soon a desert full of blooms!

    1. sorry to hear you've been laid up...glad you have that bicycle. Did not understand the falling but put the shoes away for now.

      David got a good report from the doc today! So thankful!

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  3. Glad you got to hike with BJ. Looking forward to seeing you. I spotted at least a dozen Fiberglass rigs scattered around Dome Rock yesterday.

    1. Yeah, figured it is time for the eggs to start gathering.
      Go introduce yourself to the Olivers and explain that you are part of the family! Remind them to read my blog.:}
      It was a great hike!

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  5. So happy to hear that the ablation is working so far! Jim was just asking if you had posted anything about it yet.

    1. Yes! We are very pleased! Just keeping our fingers crossed and trying to focus on living each day.
      Enjoyed meeting Jim...he was helpful.

  6. That's a beautiful header image you have.

    1. Thank you, Steve. Another Quartzsite sunset from last winter.

  7. Glad to see David doing well! The Superstitions...I can never get enough of them....They do "captivate" me...Last photo is my favorite, Teriffic Travels Horst sends

    1. The Superstitions have some kind of hold on me. Like you, I can never get enough.
      Hope all is well or mending in your corner of the world.