Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Week at Buckskin and Musings


The musings come first.  Been wondering why on earth can’t I make myself sit down and write? Decided that I am just not motivated or there’s too much distraction with the ongoing medical issues and managing all the demands of the trailer.  And I’m seriously short on my “alone” time 

It is good to be around real live bodies instead of just cyber relationships but I’d like to have a better mix of both as I am missing my blogging friends.

With that said, I can resume our travel story.


This is the Colorado River at Buckskin Mountain State Park near Parker, AZ. The rv park on the opposite shore is in California. 

We are fortunate to book 3 nights at Buckskin just after the big Dome Rock gathering.  It is very hard to get into this park due to it’s popularity.





Our site is close to the river but it is also on a very busy corner with lots of traffic! On the third day the temperature hits 90F. We stay in with the A/C blasting!

We find that there are cabanas available and we move even closer to the river!







We stay another 4 nights, just not ready to leave the river, the coots and mallards and the ever changing colors of the Colorado River.

One morning I hike up the campground trail.  The path is straight up from the entrance.  The views are breath taking!



That’s our blue Tundra, middle left, at the top of the row of cabanas.






As I take this last shot, a fifth-wheel drives by and blows a friendly greeting. I wave, feeling connected to this vast world of snow birds.

David and I have been to this part of Arizona in 2012 but we didn’t go see the London Bridge in Lake Havasu City. It’s time to see a piece of history!






The path goes along this canal.



This is the 25th anniversary plaque. The bridge was taken apart piece by piece in London and shipped to CA.

We also missed the Parker Dam on our first trip. The road goes along the California side of the river.


It is famous for it’s depth under the river bottom.


It goes 235 feet below the river bed and 85 feet above.





These sad, but cute, little panhandlers were mooching just past the dam. Signs are everywhere saying to watch for the wild burros.

We say good-bye to Buckskin Mountain and head east, searching for some cooler temperatures.

There is an Escapees park with dry camping in Congress and the weather is said to be cooler!

We stay four nights at North Ranch, enjoying every moment. David sees his first pickle ball match.

We take the winding road up to Prescott (and stumble across more fiberglass friends hidden in the forest). We have dinner in a fancy small town diner and see real cowboys in Wickenburg.

And now we in the Phoenix relatives’ back yard, getting ready to celebrate the granddaughter’s birthday. It’s hotter than it is suppose to be by  15 degrees.  Would like to land on a mountaintop but David has another doctor’s appointment. Will be heading back to Apache Junction tomorrow.

Hello, Superstition Mountains!


  1. Appears you're having a great time in spite of the warmer temps. Hope to spend more time in the areas you mentioned next year. Hope you enjoyed the BD party and David continues to improve. Enjoy the Superstitions, but remember you only have two more weeks. :-)

    1. We remember! Been watching the Weather Channel for long range forecast of Montgomery.
      Looks warm, possibly rainy.

      Looking forward to another week of fun here, a week on the road and a week of playing with our fiberglass friends!

  2. Sorry about the warm temps. It was wonderful in Flagstaff for us, but would have been cold at night with the trailer. We're back in town now and I'm already watching the thermometer.

    1. Glad you had a great time in Flagstaff!

      If we don't see you again this trip, we enjoyed our time together and looking forward to next year.

  3. Hope David gets a good report at his doctor visit.
    We've been having a great time playing pickleball almost every day here at Jojoba Hills. It's a very addicting game!
    With this hot weather it's hard to believe it isn't even March yet.

  4. Good to hear from you. Glad you are having fun in such a marvelous place.

    This is David's last visit with the Phoenix doctor and I will be writing about it, eventually.

    Stay cool!

  5. NICE.....that will be on my list of most "go to"....Hoping David its the "all clear"....terrific evening/Sunset shots....keep up living the Dream...Horst sends

  6. Funny you said "keep living the dream". Recently someone else asked if we were living the dream? It is a great reminder that we are doing what so many others just imagine doing. Don't want to get into a rut and take all this glorious living for granted.
    Sometimes I forget...caught up with the washing clothes, buying groceries and juggling medicines and doctor appointments.

    Keep taking those incredible photos!

  7. I was nice meeting you and David tonight at Dream Catchers Escapees park. I love, love, love your blog. You take gorgeous photos. Besides blogging, it looks like we have a couple of other things in common: We have two cats and a beautiful blue pick-up (just the right color). We are in the Holiday Rambler Presidential 5th wheel behind you to your right. If you see us up and about in the morning, come over and meet Bob and the kitties.

    Safe travels to you if we don't see you again.

    1. That was supposed to have the first word of "It." Oops.

    2. What a nice surprise to see your comment! We will keep an eye out tomorrow....usually up before 8. Come over and meet Sylvester if you have the time. Thanks for your kind words....can't hardly take a bad photo at Buckskin Mtn.

      Looked at your blog. Now I need to see a big rodeo.... putting it on my to do list!

    3. Susan, my former blog address is I need to link this up to my new blog.