Friday, March 30, 2018

Winter Trip Update and an Unexpected Challenge

This photo is taken a couple of days after my last post at the end of January (2018).  We are at a private campground, Arizona Oasis, on the Colorado River just a few miles west of Dome Rock BLM. We're there for the Superbowl weekend party and game.  David and I enjoy the party dancing to a few oldies.
The next night, at half-time, he starts complaining of pain in his left forearm where he had knocked it up against the bathroom door latch.
The next morning he is running a fever.  We relocate to the fiberglass rally at Dome Rock and find a walk-in clinic in Quartzsite where he gets antibiotics.   Over the next two days his arm swells (from his wrist to his shoulder) and I become frightened.  
We need to get back to a more populated area where there are great medical resources. 

By Thursday afternoon we are in an emergency room in Scottsdale, AZ where David is admitted to the hospital.  (We picked Scottsdale, a three hour drive, so we can be close to his family that lives there.)

It takes a few days but his arm eventually responds to the excellent medical treatment.  He has an extremely bad case of cellulitis!  The nurses teach me how to care for his wound, cleaning it, applying layers of medicine and gauze and securing it with a sleeve.

After four nights David is released and we decide to stay at his daughter's until he recovers more fully.  I am not a "happy camper" as I am not the RN in my family and have been known to faint, years ago, at the sight of blood!  But, somehow, we manage to get the dressing changed each day.

The weather has turned cold and rainy and we are glad to be warm in the back yard.  Ten days after his hospital discharge we resume traveling and head to the Escapees' North Ranch in Congress, AZ.

We picked North Ranch for two reasons.....I was just so ready to get out of the city and we were able to get full hookups for a long weekend.  We did not do much....the weather was not typical Arizona winter weather...but I did manage to get in a mountain bike ride in the BLM behind the ranch.

Sleet on the Tundra!

One of the colder days!

One of our friends, Jean, is at Gilbert Ray campground next to Tucson and we are ready for warmer weather!  We say bye to central Arizona and go south to join her.

BLM South Entrance of Joshua Tree

Canyon Lake

Gilbert Ray campground is beautiful!  The following day, Oliver trailer friends pull into the site next to us! We are having a mini rally!

It's time to leave Arizona and there's another state park on the way home that we want to see...City of Rocks in New Mexico! Our friends, Jerry and Wanda, posted fun photos of this place prompting us to put it on the must see list.

Very unusual place....this City of Rocks. A volcanic eruption millions of years ago created the city in the middle of a plain.  A full moon rises above the rocks creating a keeper photo!

Sylvester gets a little crazy while walking in the rocks.  He runs from rock to rock exploring every crevice.

New Mexico sunset

Plus there's Faywood Hot Springs just up the road from the state park.  This soaking experience is addicting....can't wait until it's time to return next year!

We spend three nights at City of Rocks leaving on a Sunday morning.  I am having mixed feelings...sad that we are saying goodbye to the West but hopeful for future trips.

That night finds us at Wal Mart in Fort Stockton, Texas and we are not alone!  These are our views from bed the next morning.



We hear that all the local rv parks are full....guessing 30 to 40 rigs are Wallydocking.

We have a little time to spare before our reservations start in Alabama for the Green Eggs and Ham rally.  We decide to visit the Canyon Lake in Texas.  Great idea! We stay a couple of nights doing a little walking and a lot of resting.

Using Google Maps, paper maps and the Garmin we find a way around Houston staying on 290 and 105.  It is a long day..much out of our way but no white knuckles.  Most of the route is very rural.  Another night at Wal Mart at Beaumont and we are on our way again and almost through Texas!

Another stop in Mississippi at the Welcome Center gives us information on local beaches fifteen miles away! We have not seen the gulf from Mississippi and the beach is calling my name.  We find a site at Buccaneer State Park near Waveland and Bay St Louis. The campground is big and the ocean is nearby!

(Full disclosure....I enhanced the beach photos using the app Snapseed.  The sand was not very white.)

It's getting late and this post must come to an end soon.  I'm going to close with photos from the Green Eggs and Ham Rally.  An event we have attended for many we really enjoy!

We are now home in Chattanooga and gradually adjusting to living in a house.  We have a short trip coming up in a couple of weeks...over to our beloved Smoky Mountains.  After that, no real plans other than be gone in the summer.  XXX


  1. Sorry to hear about David...Looks like he's back to "like new" condition. :)) Terrific recap/summary of your adventures...You are covering some magnificent scenery. City of Rocks is a favorite of mind....super photo's..really like the Butterfly one....Thanks for sharing and keep on exploring, you Guys have earned it! Horst sends

  2. You are so kind with your words... do hope our paths will manage to cross someday.
    Have fun with that new toy!

  3. Great cat pictures! But then, is there any other kind? Happy Travels!