Saturday, February 18, 2017

Forty Days in the Desert


DSC_0008 (1)

Four Peaks

The travel blog is behind 40 days! So sad!

On the positive side, we have had so much fun with friends, it was impossible to create the time (and get the mindset) to write.

Lost Dutchman State Park is our destination after leaving the Benson SKP Park.  The Superstition Mountains are our emotional home while in the Southwest. Four nights just is not long enough to get our fix.


Fish Creek Overlook, Apache Trail

We call some friends who live nearby who are entertaining friends who are also our friends! A trip to Tortilla Flat is planned.



We say a temporary good-bye to the friends knowing we will all be together again in February at the Quartzsite fiberglass trailer rally.

After a visit with the family we head for Quartzsite as the Big RV tent show starts soon.

Unfortunately winter is in full swing at Q with rain, clouds and a cold wind. We stay a week boondocking at Dome Rock but after two semi-sleepless nights due to high winds, we head back to civilization and comforts including electricity and warmth.


Found FL and KY friends also boondocking at Dome Rock.


Notice the wind sock flying horizontally! One night my Clam (outdoor room) is blown over….Jerry C teaches me to stake it down with rebar.

It’s time to switch hats and change out of the desert rat mode.

David’s son lives in San Francisco and we are FLYING there for a visit!

We are excited like children.  It has been years since we were on a plane!

I use my phone, on airplane mode, to see where we are.  I see the Salton Sea! (It’s in the middle of the photo).


 We are gifted with 3 glorious days of sunshine, lots of great food, good companionship and a ferry ride to Sausalito.




Another day we hike to Corona Heights Park, enjoying panoramic views of San Francisco.


After four nights in the big city, it’s time to return to Apache Junction, pick Sylvester up from the boarding center and get back into the trailer.

Again we find more fiberglass friends at Lost Dutchman. Amazing how all our paths constantly cross!


Good friends and beautiful sunsets!


Superstition Mountain


It is goodbye to Lost Dutchman.  Time to head west, back to western AZ and a superbowl party at a RV park in Ehrenberg, AZ.

No photos are available!  I twist my ankle, severely, one hour after our arrival, falling at the door of the trailer. One of our buddies, a retired RN, performs first aid. The next few days are spent babying the injury.

It is the worst ankle injury I have ever experienced but recovery is fast and there is no pain after the first day, just left with a black and blue foot.

This catches us up to two weeks ago.

Our week at the rally and time in Nevada will be coming soon, I hope!


  1. Great post....Love the Supersitions....Sorry to hear about the ankle...take care and keep living the good life of a Nomad...I am envious....Horst sends

    1. We certainly share a love for the Superstitions!
      This nomad for the winter sends love and good wishes!

  2. So sorry to hear about your ankle. Hope it's mended well by now.
    The pics are awesome!! One day we'll make it to the desert.

    1. Do hope you make it out here! We sure love it!
      Ankle is doing great and it's almost back to normal color.

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